This Weekend I have been mostly moving Beehives

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This Weekend I have been mostly moving Beehives

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Published by Steve Jacklin in Bees · Monday 02 Aug 2021
Now is the time of year when Beekeepers from all over the Country move their hives up to the Moors for the Heather Crop. I'm fortunate that I only have to move them 20 miles. Personnelly I dont like moving them much further as it stresses them too much.
So spent the weekend loading up the Land Rover and moving them up to the Moors above Kildale.
Looks like its going to be a better year than last year. Then again any year would be better than last year.
Last years the moors was infested with Heather Beetle larva damages the leaves off the Heather Plants and just leaves bare stalks. Most years you see a little bit of Beetle damage but last year the Heather was decimated. Consequently we had very little Heather Honey last year. Hopefully this year will be better.

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